Experience the ease of battery lawn mowing

Voltage 80 lawnmowers deliver the same power as their petrol equivalent without compromising on performance. The difference, is that you get all the advantages of the powerful 80V battery. Just plug the battery in and go! – STIGA 80 Volt mowers are truly an environmentally friendly alternative, No petrol to buy, spill, fill or store. There is No air pollution and No nasty fumes to breath in and greatly reduced vibrations.

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Great Power

All models feature an 80V powertrain that provides the same power of a petrol engine - but with zero emissions. Just plug in the battery and you’re ready to mow.

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Full Control

The new 1.54’’ Oled technology display comfortably placed in the handle provides information regarding the battery charge in %, mower speed scale and activation of Eco-mode.

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Clean & Green

The Eco-mode function reduces the engine speed from 2900 rpm to 2600 rpm, preserving battery life and increasing run time by 15%.

Designed for the lawn mowing lover

With their ease of use, Voltage 80 lawn mowers make cutting grass a real pleasure, from your fingertips to your feet.

Improved robustness and quality:
  • 25mm thick steel handle with soft grip.
  • higher rigidity and comfort to the hands.
  • foldable handle, fixed in 3 points.
Excellent comfort of use:
  • fully integrated electronic transmission, independent from the engine.
  • no driving belts, higher comfort of use, energy saving.

Discover the full range

New comfortable digi-handlebar to control all operations with the tip of your fingers.

Powerful 80V battery gives the power you need to get your lawn mowed.

New design camlocks on handles for easy folding, adjustment and storage.

Cutting height is easy to adjust using an ergonomic single lever just one move.

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