The future of lawn mowing

Our mission is to push the development of lawnmowers forward. That’s why we have set out to create a lawnmower at the forefront of the market – a powerful, robust, clean and green lightweight machine.

With its powerful battery, composite and Kevlar material, new high-tech functional components and digital controls the Model 1 is an innovative and pioneering machine that sets out a new direction for the future of lawn mowing.

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Advanced material

Composite material, made up of a mixture of Carbon fiber layers – 6 in total, giving mechanical strength, and the additional Kevlar fiber layers provides resilience to impacts, making this machine futuristic and superlight.

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Full Control

All the functions are controlled by the integrated 2,4” hi-res display: mower speed, energy reserve, eco function and cutting height. No levers to push, no cords to pull: everything can be activated by simply pressing a button.

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Great Power

A combination of lightness, power and comfort: Model 1 is as easy to use as it is powerful, thanks to its advanced features. The 80V engine is powered by a 5 Ah battery that delivers the same power as its petrol equivalent.

Combining STIGA excellences in a lawn mower

STIGA Model 1 combines advanced materials and high tech components with the powerful 80V battery, guaranteeing an extremely light, yet robust machine, delivering perfect cutting performance. Model 1 offers all the qualities of the distinctive STIGA multiclip with the innovations of battery power.

As a Multiclip lawn mower it provides top mulching performance through its enhanced cutting deck – plus the benefits of being part of the STIGA Voltage 80 range: no carbon emissions, reduced noise emissions, low vibrations and maintenance.

Moreover, the new robust handle with integrated display and the eco-mode function complete its comfort - making it the ultimate lawn mower on the market.

Discover the product

The LCD TFT digital display incorporated with the handlebar design relays battery information, drive speed, cutting height, energy and Eco-mode.

Full digital regulation: the servo actuator for the height adjustment system is driven by embedded electronics.

Functional elements are built in Aluminium 7000 series (ERGAL), this material has an excellent ‘strength to density’ ration which is also used in aerospace industry.

The single advanced aluminum camlocks allows quick folding of the handle and storage in vertical position.

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