The front mower that runs on battery

Now it is possible to go green and switch from petrol to electric even on a front mower. The STIGA e-Park 220 combines all the benefits of being battery powered with all the advantages of being a STIGA front mower – top mulching performance, articulated steering, high comfort and superb convenience.

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Great Power

4.3 kWh, 90Ah Li-Ion battery combined with brushless 1,7 kW motor, digitally controlled, allowing smooth drive in all conditions.

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Full Control

Easy access to the main functions and settings on the high-resolution TFT display: battery charge, speed, power, cutting height and much more.

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Clean & Green

The battery ensures maximum comfort, zero carbon emissions, low vibrations, low maintenance and is extremely quiet making this mower a real pleasure to use.

All the benefits of being battery powered - on a STIGA Park

The STIGA e-Park 220 is the first Li-Ion battery powered front mower, the most advanced battery technology to date delivering uncompromised performance with all the advantages of a front ride-on mower.

Like every STIGA Park, the e-Park 220 performs first class mulching t, providing excellent fertilization to the lawn by chopping the grass into very fine particles, which are recycled back in to the lawn.

Its front cutter deck ensures maximum visibility and easy maintenance, and it allows a perfect cut even under bushes. Its 50:50 articulated steering allows easy manoeuvering around obstacles and through narrow spaces;, the rear wheels follow exactly the front wheels’ tracks.

Moreover, it can be combined with a range of implements, making it a versatile, all-year round machine that can sweep, collect leaves, clear snow as well as  cutting the grass.

Discover the product

5.6” high resolution colour display to view the central parameters and the main function settings.

Plug&Charge: fully charge the battery in 2,5 hours by simply connecting to any standard home network.

Genuine articulated steering for utmost manoeuvrability around obstacles and in narrow spaces.

QuickFlip system to access the cutting deck in one move for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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