Change to a better lawn and an easier life

Get the perfect lawn and time to actually enjoy it. Leave the work to a perfectionist, sit back and relax! STIGA Autoclip robot mowers combine solid metal blades with the latest technology to provide superior cutting and optimal efficiency.

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Perfect Lawn

STIGA Autoclip will give the perfect cut; mulching the grass cuttings into fine particles that are then re-cycled back into the turf, fertilizing the lawn making it lush and green in just a few months.

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Full Connectivity

All Autoclip robot mowers are equipped with full connectivity via Bluetooth or GSM, making it easier than ever to control and program your robot according to your needs.

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Time & Energy Efficiency

Thanks to its superior battery capacity, Autoclip works for long periods without having to return to the charging station, leaving you the time to enjoy your garden.

Smart features that can handle even the most complex garden

If your garden is full of slopes, trees, bushes or fountains, you may ask yourself: can a robot mower really handle it? The answer is yes: STIGA Autoclips are developed to face the most demanding conditions. With smart built in sensors that detect obstacles on the lawn and the ability to handle narrow passages and slopes up to 45% STIGA Autoclips have been developed to deliver under the most demanding conditions. Thanks to their Eco-mode sensors they can detect if the lawn is already cut - or trigger the intelligent spiral movement in case of tall and thick grass. If it’s raining, the sensors will send Autoclip back to the charging station until the weather conditions improve, ensuring you get the best cutting result.

Discover the full range

Autoclip M
the easy-to-use series for gardens up to 750 sqm

Discover the range

Autoclip 200
the perfectionist series for gardens up to 2,000 sqm

Discover the range

Autoclip 500
the smartest series for gardens up to 5,000 sqm

Discover the range

New Autoclip Remote App
allows you to easily control and make customizations ton the robot’s operations via Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

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