Discover the future of lawn mowing

Introducing a range of products that will set a new standard for battery powered mowers and lead the way into the future of lawn care.
These clean, powerful, technically advanced machines will make your work easier and more comfortable than ever.

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Great Power

Thanks to our powerful Lithium-Ion batteries you won't have to compromise on power and efficiency when choosing a battery powered mower. Our products deliver the same results and the same power as their petrol equivalent.

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Full control

STIGA's new battery mowers are equipped with the latest technology available. TFT-displays, Digi-handlebars, GEO-mapping, GPS, Bluetooth, GSM: these are just a few of the advanced features that give you full control of all operations.

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Clean & Green

The future is green – and so are our lawnmowers. No more petrol or fumes. No more noise or vibrations. No more complex maintenance or petrol refills. Just clean and green power coming from our batteries.

Robust & powerful combined with high-tech features

You´ll never have to choose between true power and the benefits of battery ever again. Now you can have it all – and more!

STIGA walk behind lawnmowers are equipped with TFT-display and Digi-handlebar which enable you to easily control everything with your fingers. The robots come with GEO-mapping, GPS, Bluetooth and GSM which gives you full control of the robot’s from wherever you are. The new e-Park, battery powered front mower, features a large TFT-display and easy-to-reach levers.

Powerful robust machines equipped with high-tech features that will make your life easier and last but not least – will give you perfectly cut lawn in the way that best suits you and your garden.

Autoclip 530 & 550 SG Robot mowers
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Voltage 80 Lawn Mowers
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Model 1 Lawn Mower
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e-Park 220 Electric Front Mower
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